About packagingnavi.com

We are a company based in Germany our team exists of technical experts and experienced salespeople with considerable Market knowledge of the packaging industry. Our ambitious goal

is to build a riskless and comprehensive B2B platform for the entire packaging industry. Packagingnavi.com with the unique sourcing engine “application related product sourcing“ is the

beginning of a long journey for the packaging industry, new projects and sectors are under work and are online in the next future. Our current homepage is a virtual marketplace for

packaging products and raw materials. The structure provides a quick overview of the possible applications in the packaging field. We offer packaging users, - manufacturers and other

relevant packaging market players (for example raw materials) to get connected without any risk in our virtual platform. One of our primary missions was to enable users to make sourcing

decisions with a maximum of information in a minimum of time by using qualified content made by packaging experts from all over the world. We successfully have completed this task

as a part of our B2B platform for the packaging industry.

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Nader Waizy
Germany and Europe
Giancarlo Frondibue
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Ahmed Radwan
Egypt and Arabs countries
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Duarte Andrade
Portugal and Europe
Hamid Aimri
Iran and Middle East.
Rupesh Chandrakant
India and Africa E-Mail
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Rüstem Polat
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